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Our Services

Southeast X-Ray provides a full portfolio of Radiology and Disability Services for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, State Disability, urgent care clinics and private medical practices. We are unique in that we offer a comprehensive combination of digital radiology services and solutions that include radiation protection, equipment installation, room build-out, radiology department management, RIS and PACS administration and image archiving, as well as technical and professional components.

Radiology Services 

Southeast X-Ray provides Radiology Services for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, State Disability, urgent care clinics and private medical practices across the country.  Our technology team can have you set up usually in the same day to send exams to our Board Certified Radiologists. 

Turn-Key X-Ray Rooms

Southeast X-Ray’s Radiology Services division leads the industry in innovative, cloud-based, end-to-end radiology solutions. From setup considerations such as room design, room build-out, equipment install and technology infrastructure to professional services

Quality Assurance Programs

Southeast X-Ray’s Quality Assurance and Quality Management staff ensure appropriate imaging, accurate interpretations and HIPAA compliance. Southeast X-Ray’s proficiency in electronic data processing, combined with our information technology expertise and proven infrastructure, provides the strength and stability to meet all the radiography needs of the most demanding partners. 

Disability Services

Southeast X-Ray’s Disability Services divisions proudly serves our nation’s veterans by providing Medical Disability Evaluations (MDEs). Our culture is patient-focused, compassionate care. Our teams are board-certified, licensed healthcare professionals with intimate knowledge of the federal and state guidelines 

Affordable PACS/RIS

Southeast X-Ray’s technology platform is a cloudbased, end-to-end solution that ensures efficient workflow with minimal downtime. Capable of integrating with local information systems (EMR, PACS, RIS), Southeast X-Ray’s technology solution can be a seamless addition to a practice’s standard clinical and radiology workflow. We are unique in that we are 100% cloud based with no software to download

Staffing and Traveling Providers

Southeast X-Ray’s team of staffing professionals are available to help you and your organization staff the most qualified professionals to ensure you have no disruptions in patient care. We have a full complimentary clinical staff that is available to travel to your clinics.  Give us a call to learn more about our comprehensive services. 

What Our Clients Say

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Stephen E. Paquette - Executive Director, Veterans Services

"We have been working with Southeast X-Ray for over 7 years and I can say without reservation that it has been and remains, one of our best and most prodcuctive business relationships"
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