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Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

With the onset of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning one would believe that many of the tasks that we perform daily would be automated. It seems as if technology doesn't move as fast as we think it would. This is no different for radiologists that interpret exams.

Radiologists have to look through sometimes thousand of images to find an abnormality and are expected to do so without error. This is an almost impossible ask of any human being.

We have been made to believe that with the advancement of technology Radiologists would be displaced by automating the review process. Its been years since AI and Machine learning were introduced to Radiology and although there have been some advancements were no where near to replacing our valued radiologists.

Even with automated diagnosis becoming more accurate there is a gap that exists between the AI algorithm and having a standardized delivery platform. This seems to be a big oversight in the industry and may take years to overcome.

There is a place for automated diagnosis but replacing radiologists with technology is well behind autonomous cars and we all know how many autonomous cars are on the road today. In due time!

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